Thank you for an excellent conference experience! The VWBPE excitement is not over yet! Please join us for the launch of our post-conference exploration MOOC, which starts after Easter. See our calendar for dates and times:

Would you like to explore more virtual worlds? Perhaps you heard something at the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference and would like to see how this might apply in your teaching and learning practice?

Consider participating in the 2014 VWBPE MOOC – Virtual Worlds Explorations. There are 2 levels:

  1. Just the tours, please.
  2. Engaging in the MOOC discussions about the tours.

We have one tour in week 1, and three exciting ones during week 2. The final one is scheduled for the third week of the MOOC. They will be hosted by the people who developed the virtual learning environments. We will start with Kamedia on Friday 25 April, finishing the week of 5 May with Unity Jibe, five tours in all.

What Do I Do Now?

Go to the VWBPE MOOC 2014 site at

Choose either:

  • MOOC Starting Course (for just the tours), or
  • MOOC Basics (if you want the full meal deal – discussions and articles). You will be asked to create a new account with MOOC Basics that will give you full access to the course.

Thanks to ka:media Interactive for the generous donation of the Moodle site for the MOOC.

If you have any difficulties, please use the form below to get help.