Cloud Party


What is Cloud Party?

The virtual world of Cloud Party is built on WebGL and HTML5 technology, so it runs directly in a modern browser. Copy and share your URL with anyone in the world and they can be there with you in seconds. No plugins. No downloads. For a fast start to creating a Cloud Party account, read this Cloud Party Quick Guide for Educators.

Getting into Cloud Party

Visit this link to get into the service. Choose a user name (user names are not unique in Cloud Party and they are publicly viewable), pick a gender and click “Enter without account” to log in as a guest. After loading you will appear in Starter Island. You will be able to chat to users, browse other islands, experiment with your outfit and even complete the tutorial for free land.

When you are ready to create an account, simply click “Create Account” on the top right. You can sign up with just an email address, or by using your Facebook or Google + account. Once you’ve created an account, you can add other users as friends, buy items on the market, save customized avatar looks, and purchase land. You’ll also be able to use the advanced build mode, which allows you to save your builds.

If you sign up with an email address, you will still need to verify your account to access building features. This can be done by giving credit card information (for authorization only) or by using Facebook or Google +.

Getting Started from a Direct Link

When accessing CP via direct link for the first time, if you have no account:

Click on the URL link you were provided. This takes you to a webpage that prompts you to enter a user name. User names themselves are not unique in Cloud Party, and they display publicly. Once you have entered your desired user name, chose one of the default avatars. Don’t worry, you can customize yourself later. Once you’ve chosen your avatar, click GO. You’ll then be teleported directly to the URL you chose.

If you already have a Cloud Party account, click the URL. If you are logged in, it will take you directly there. If you aren’t, you will be prompted to log in. Once you login you’ll go directly to the space you’ve chosen.

Connection Problems

Cloud Party relies on advanced browser technologies including WebGL and WebSockets, which are not available on all browsers. Google Chrome is the recommended browser for Cloud Party. Firefox will work, but might be a slower experience. Safari will also work, but you may have to go to the browser preferences and tick the box to turn on webGL support.

Microsoft Explorer currently does not support webGL and won’t work with Cloud Party without a plug-in.

If you have problems connecting, please visit this test link which may help diagnose what the problem is. If it is unclear what the problem is, please post your results to the forum thread here or file a support ticket by emailing

Additional help and information can be found in the Cloud Party FAQs.