2018 Above the Book VIP Lounge Access Pass

Seating available at the Above the Book Interview with Ebbe Altberg will be limited to 30 seats in the VIP Lounge. To be part of the audience, we are asking that you submit either a question, a theme, or a social issue that is impacting on Education today. All questions and comments will be vetted for their applicability to education. If selected, you will be put on the VIP list and eligible to attend the Above the Book session as part of the audience. All other participants will be able to watch a real-time simulcast either through the VWBPE YouTube channel or at the VWBPE main auditorium.

Questions must be received no later than Sunday March 4th.

Acceptance to the Above the Book VIP Lounge does not guarantee that your question will be asked depending on the direction the interview goes and the number of questions submitted. We will try to get as many topics of conversation in as possible. Seats will be allocated on a first come basis if we are over-subscribed for requests.

2018 Above the Book VIP Lounge Access Pass

How Can We Contact You?

Please provide us with your Second Life avatar name and email address. Since in-world messages can get capped, we may need to notify you with an email. Your email address in this regard will not be used for any other purpose.

Questions for Ebbe Altberg (SL: Ebbe Linden)

Please click on the down arrow to recommend up to three questions to ask Mr. Altberg for the Above the Book session at the VWBPE Conference.