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31 - METAGAME: Ready Player One Meets Snowcrash

METAGAME: Ready Player One Meets Snowcrash examines how the Metagame book club explores book themes and their influence on our present and future 3D EdTech experiences. This session highlights Ernest Cline’s book Ready Player One and the 2018 release of the Stephen Spielberg movie to form parallels with the book Snowcrash as an influence on virtual world and game experiences and their impact on life. The Metagame Book Club invites participants to recommend books for review during 2018-2020.

32 - CybaLounge - A Browser Based Virtual World Platform

CybaLounge is an entirely web based virtual world platform, which can be used universally, but especially for teaching/learning, collaboration, entertainment and counseling. It is based on open standards and provides a huge set of features. Main benefit is, that there is no installation needed at all. Access is almost instantly via (most) modern browsers.

The exhibit will show the benefits of this platform for teachers and educators and provide an overview of the features available there.

33 - Ghostraven Professional Attire

This cozy shop includes free clothing for women and men, as well as notecards and posters describing how to tailor your avatar appearance to look like the professional you are. Ghostraven Professional Attire (GPA) focuses on modest system and prim clothing for the classic Second Life human avatar. We can help you match your avatar self with the image you wish to convey.

34 - AvaCon: Digital media lessons learned and shared

Media skills and digital technologies are crucial for 21st-century learning. Join the AvaCon team as they share digital media lessons learned through the many events organized and the nonprofit community they have supported. This exhibit will share the creative commons curriculum, video resources, and free tools to help others learn about video and screen capture, and create media for engaging and documenting.

35 - Questing with Sinespace

Sinespace provides a scalable secure environment with Quest tools that can be used without any scripting. Built upon the Unity game engine framework to design once and use everywhere, Sinespace offers viewers for desktop, web, mobile, console, and VR headsets. Teachers have access to high quality AAA game content similar to what students are used to playing on game consoles and mobile devices for fun. Try this next generation, massively multi-user world with your first region for free!

36 - Ballet Pixelle - Dance for and by Everyone

Ballet Pixelle started in 2006 and performs in virtual life and real life. Our goal is to explore virtual and physical dance and blended realities. Our dancers truly dance with each other and the music, nothing is automated. We have 25 originals ballets and have performed in Berlin, Los Angeles, and many cities. We provide opportunities for people all over the world to see and participate in dance regardless of location, physical or psychological impairments, economics, or background.

41 - International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is a nonprofit organization that serves educators interested in better use of technology in education. ISTE serves more than 100,000 education stakeholders throughout the world through individual and organizational membership and support services. ISTE provides educational technology resources to support professional learning for educators and education leaders, including the ISTE Conference & Expo—a worldwide comprehensive ed tech event, and the widely adopted ISTE Standards for learning, teaching and leading with technology.

42 - From History to Infinity

This exhibit will highlight the Second Life Group, the Virtual Pioneers. We have been a group of history minded educators that have dedicated ourselves to learning about history and culture through virtual world explorations. Our exhibit will showcase our past, present, and future ideas and discoveries.

43 - Rockcliffe University Library

Rockcliffe University Consortium offers one of the largest library collections devoted to the study of digital spaces including over 10,000 references to peer reviewed journals. The library includes two separate virtual library buildings in Second Life, Avacon (OpenSimulator), and a Wiki for researchers and instructors trying to find information on digital literacy, digital spaces, STEAM, and other subjects that are connected with different types of virtual environments and gamification.

44 - Virtual Education Journal

The Virtual Education Journal (VEJ) publishes articles from educators K-16 in a variety of online and virtual environments. It serves as a resource of best practices being used across the metaverse. Most importantly, VEJ captures the relevant and authentic learning and work of educators in these virtual worlds and highlights, documents, captures, and achieves their work like digital anthropologists and digital ethnographers.

45 - Community Virtual Library

Real librarianship in virtual worlds – CVL’s Exhibit will showcase CVL’s library branches as well as its activities and projects, especially highlighting the Digital Citizenship Museum under construction in Kitely.
CVL provides free library resources and services to the residents of Second Life. CVL is a demonstration virtual library with open-source content, and has exhibit, presentation, and meeting space available to CVL members and affiliated groups. CVL volunteer members are librarians, educators, and library lovers.

46 - San Jose State University’s iSchool VCARA Island

VCARA’s exhibit will highlight our past accomplishments as well as future events and projects. This exhibit will focus on our successful use of virtual worlds as a venue for helping students connect, collaborate, and learn with other students, professors, and educators across the world.

51 - Evolution of Languages on the Mars Colony

The diverse nature of initial Mars Colony explorers will require use of the Universal Translator to assist these first wave folks are able to understand one another as the colony is being built. As the community expands and new generations are born there, the Universal translator will need to adapt using AI to the strain of unique Mars colony language developing due to the colonialists and their generations interchanging words from their respective languages. Also to understand folks on Earth.

52 - dotEnterprise VirtualExpo

This exhibit will showcase quick and simple ways to collaborate with virtual conferences including how to easily stage virtual exhibitions and conferences with a low technical threshold and cross platform accessibility.

54 - MySchool3D A 3D Virtual School in a Web Browser

Reaching students around the world in a 3D environment is now available in your web browser for both interactive workshops/classes and self-learning tutorials. No software or viewer download is required.

Through this unique, and currently one-of-a-kind system, teachers are afforded their own virtual classroom. Each 3D space is equipped with tools to promote a functional teaching/learning environment. These tools include, but are not limited to, presentation chalkboard, private voice channel, video chat, document presentation, whiteboard, classroom chat and private IM.

Student avatars are equipped with profile pictures, name tags and emoji options to answer yes/no and I have a question. This student interaction option allows for communication during a lecture without interrupting the class. Using the advanced tool set, teachers are able to moderate all aspects of communication and attendance.

The developers at A2Z Smart Group LLC are offering teachers outstanding packages to help with beta testing and to fill the 3D browser-based virtual environment with productivity. Contact us at a2zsmartgroup.com.

55 - Virginia Society for Technology in Education (VSTE) Virtual Environment Professional Learning Network (VE PLN)

A Gateway to Digital Learning
Come see what’s going on with the Virginia Society for Technology in Education’s Virtual Environment Professional Learning Network, as we will explore past and future virtual environment learning opportunities for anyone that enjoys learning. We do learning sessions on Monday’s ranging from teaching techniques, new teaching/learning software/apps, the latest 2.0 Web tools, guest speakers, building demos and more. We have social parties and game nights to help keep things fresh, and we’d love for you to stop on by and see what we are doing and where we are headed.

Locations and Sponsors

21 Virtual Outworlding – Platinum Sponsor
22 Rockcliffe University Consortium – Bronze Sponsor
23 University of New Mexico – Silver Sponsor
24 Virtual Ability, Inc. – Silver Sponsor
25 Agile Dimensions – Bronze Sponsor
26 Ageless Mind Project – Bronze Sponsor