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All sessions of the VWBPE 2018 Conference are held in Second Life®. All times are in SLT (PST).
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Venice in 1600
Mar 11 @ 07:00 PM – 08:00 PM
Venice in 1600 @ Second Life

Host: Brant Knutzen / MrK Kas, University of Hong Kong

Description: Based on findings from The Quest, this immersive experience introduces participants to the impact that an idealized virtual identity and the perception of a social constructivist environment have on learning within the virtual world. Gamified learning as a group process will be explored, and data collected on affective issues such as beliefs and attitude towards: the self, the technology, the learning experience, and self-efficacy. This project seeks to develop a methodology for focusing a survey on specific behaviors using the virtual world through tight integration with simulated situations. Participants will be able to experience first-hand the integration of virtual world behaviors (Second Life) and a learning management system (Moodle), designed to eliminate the coding required for HUD interaction and make survey data collection much more tightly focused on specific behaviors. This presentation will be a beta test of this new methodology.

1) Pirate Battle Ship game, designed to examine the social dynamics of operating as a team, and rewarding collaborative effort, and the use of camera controls
2) Assassinate the Duke: a social subterfuge examining the role of identity and self-construal in the virtual world, and rewarding the use of collaboration, communication, and deceit!

Location: SLURL will be available in the Participative Learning Moodle course 1 hour before the presentation.

Access: See the conference website for information about creating a Second Life account (Attendees). Either SL or Firestorm viewers are recommended.

1. Before the presentation, participants should create a new user account on the ParticipativeLearning.org website (http://participativelearning.org/enrol/index.php?id=9), and verify their email address to login to the Moodle course. Use the enrollment key: VWBPE

2. At presentation time, participants should login to their Second Life account and use the SLURL provided in the Participative Learning course to teleport to the Venice in 1600 build on Lingnan Drama Island.

3. Please listen to your tour guide. Remember: Gondolas are not bumper cars.

This venue will be available for individual exploration after the presentation.

For more fun join optional the VWBPE Passport to the Metaverse 2018 Rezzly Quest: https://vwbpe.org/conference/passport-to-the-metaverse-2018

Bridging Worlds: Learning in a Strange Land
Mar 17 @ 03:00 PM – 04:00 PM

Cynthia Calongne/Lyr Lobo (Avatar)
Educators and Trainers
Bradley Hodgins/Zalomar Resident
Educators and Trainers

Learning in 3D comes alive through the mind of eight-year-old Jack. Join us as we explore the creation of Jack’s World, a Jurassic simulation that runs on OpenSimulator at Virtual Harmony. Virtual Harmony is a participatory design, community, and classroom space, hosting a collection of games, simulations, contemplative spaces, and immersive experiences that span research, education, social good and values-based leadership.

Participants will discover student perspectives on the benefits and challenges of studying and holding classes across different virtual worlds.
Participants will explore the student projects, the technology challenges, and how the students took their ideas and modeled them in OpenSim, an open source virtual world.

Track: Collaboration and Distance Connections
Format: Spotlight Presentation
Accessibility: Voice & SpeakEasy HUD Tool