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Apr 4 @ 04:00 PM – 05:00 PM
The making of "Our Digital Selves: My Avatar is Me" @ VWBPE 2019 Social Plaza
04:00 PM
Discussion Moderator: Lorraine Storry Mockford (SL: LoriVonne Lustre) Join us on the Social Plaza for a discussion about the making of Our Digital Selves: My Avatar is Me as a follow up from this morning’s keynote[...]
Apr 5 @ 09:00 AM – 09:50 AM
KEYNOTE :: Teacher training within Virtual Worlds @ VWBPE 2019 Main Auditorium
09:00 AM
Keynote Presenter: Dr. Tuncer Can, Istanbul University https://vwbpe.org/conference/keynotes-and-speakers-2019 Description: This presentation will look at how training teachers within Virtual Worlds could enhance innovation in the class and change the lives of real people by ensuring them[...]
Culture and education for peace in times of 3-Dimensional Immersive Digital Environments (3D-IDEs) @ VWBPE 2019 Lecture Area A
03:00 PM
Presenter: Christian Jonathan Angel Rueda (SL: ecoonis), Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro ; Juan Carlos Valdes Godin, (SL: interpres) Description: The present work is based on the macro concept of 3D-IDEs, in specific virtual world environments,[...]
Apr 6 @ 09:00 AM – 09:50 AM
Eureka World: An educational virtual world ecosystem @ VWBPE 2019 Lecture Area B
09:00 AM
Presenters: Ori Shapira (SL: turh zane), Educators and Trainers; Dani Seryoti (SL: s Maya), Educators and Trainers Description: Eureka World’s platform takes a broader perspective on learning and involves a wide spectrum of actors from[...]
Re-visioning art and design education: Nourishing collaborative creativity in virtual worlds @ VWBPE 2019 Quadrivium
09:00 AM
Compass Point Discussion Presenters: Yi Meng (SL: Emma de Pizan), Educators and Trainers; Xiangling Feng (SL: Belldance), Artists, Designers and Builders; Qian Wang (SL: Zoemmmua), Artists, Designers and Builders; Xinyi Wei (SL: Wuixinyi), Artists, Designers[...]
Digital Citizenship Museum in Kitely @ Digital Citizenship Museum in Kitely
Apr 19 @ 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Digital Citizenship Museum in Kitely @ Digital Citizenship Museum in Kitely
10:00 AM
Hosts: Marie Vans (amvans lapis); Valerie Hill (Valibrarian Gregg); Alyse Dunavant-Jones (Antemeridian Discjockey); All – Community Virtual Library Description: Participants will first participate in an interactive presentation that describes Digital Citizenship and the goals of[...]