VWBPE – Day Two. Join us for early morning coffee, continental breakfast, and an early dip “Under The Sea.” This is your chance to enjoy a guided tour of the undersea gardens, explore the Mermaid houses, and complete the scavenger hunt. Or, if you prefer to be above the water, we have kayaking, jet skiing, hang gliding, and hiking up to see Poseidon at the top of Mt. Legacy.  You can catch-up with old friends, and make new friends while you get ready for day two. Get yourself organized and your questions answered about which sessions and activities you will want to attend. Members of the Social and Volunteer Committees will be here to help you make the most of your VWBPE17 conference experience.  Be sure to join us for plenty of fun and be sure to take lots of selfies and photos.

Dress: Morning casual (Mermaid and Merman suits and other sports equipment and attire available on sim)