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Shailey Minocha/Shailey Garfield
Educators and Trainers

Google Expeditions (GEs) is a mobile virtual reality app consisting of over 700 expeditions or guided field trips that students experience on a smartphone through a virtual reality (VR) viewer. Through a case study, we will describe the role of virtual field trips (VFTs) as in GEs in imparting environmental education. Through an analysis of students’ experiences, we will show how VFTs as in GEs connect the learning from an international context to a local context in geography fieldwork.

Participants will learn how mobile VR as in GEs bridges virtual fieldwork with physical field trips.
Participants will learn about the role of VFTs in improving the effectiveness of outdoor fieldwork.

Track: Creativity and Innovation in Design, Practice, and Learning
Format: Spotlight Presentation
Accessibility: Voice & SpeakEasy HUD Tool