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Educators and Trainers
Joyce Bettencourt/Rhiannon Chatnoir
Advocacy and NonProfit
Renne Emiko Brock/Zinnia Zauber
Educators and Trainers
Buffy Beale
Advocacy and NonProfit
Valerie Hill/Valibrarian Gregg
Advocacy and NonProfit

The NonProfit Commons creates opportunities for social good through collaboration, education and mutual support in virtual worlds. In our 11th year, we moved to a peer-led model, organizing progressive parties as multi-organization events, hosting weekly meetings and educational events, revamping community offices, and welcoming more diverse groups focused on social impact.

Participants will discover the new plans, technology programs, and opportunities to get involved.

Track: Ethics, Responsibility, and Tolerance
Format: This is a Compass Points roundtable discussion, where the discussants will address the following four points on the compass:
• Excited: How has the NonProfit Commons changed in the last year? What is your role in facilitating this change?
• Worrisome: What are your goals for 2018 and beyond? What will it take to create a sustainable NPC program in virtual worlds?
• Need to know: What are the potential NPC benefits and challenges in the next year?
• Stance: How can other virtual world residents get involved and help?
Accessibility: Voice & SpeakEasy HUD Tool