March 16, 2018 @ 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM America/Los Angeles Timezone
VWBPE 2018 Quadrivium

Lisa Laxton/Shelenn Ayres (Avatar)
Research and Development Community Foundation
Cynthia Calogne/Lyr Lobo (Avatar)
Educators and Trainers
Singergirl Mode
Business and Entrepreneurs
Dieter Heyne/Edward Tarber (Avatar)
Coders, Scripters, and System/IT Analysts
Gentle Heron
Support and Help Communities

Many virtual world technologies are available today in the social virtual reality realm. Because teachers and researchers often do not share institutional data, choosing the best technology can be a challenge. Each use case requires analytical thinking to solve problems considering: virtual world design rationale; features associated with social use; security requirements; and accessibility. Panelists will present use cases and solutions. Compass point discussion will follow the presentations.

Participants will be able to learn innovative approaches to educational virtual world use cases.
Participants will be able to learn about Infinite Metaverse Alliance and reasons for engagement.

Track: Analytic Thinking and Complex Problem Solving
Format: This is a Compass Points roundtable discussion, where the discussants will address the following four points on the compass:
• Excited: What are the recent advances in virtual world technologies today?
• Worrisome: What needs remain that can drive technology evolution?
• Need to know: What are the social virtual reality challenges to be overcome?
• Stance: How can educators and researchers get involved to help shape the future of social virtual reality?
Accessibility: Voice & SpeakEasy HUD Tool