Save the Date: Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 5:00 pm SLT

Playbill - January Social VWBPE17On January 19, 1937, legendary millionaire Howard Hughes set the transcontinental airspeed record. Eighty years later, what else do YOU know about the accomplishments of this famously reclusive man? Test your knowledge with friends and colleagues at this sponsorship social event, a night of Hughes trivia, with donations going toward supporting the VWBPE Conference in 2017.

DJ extraordinaire Coz OKelly will on hand to spin Big Band tunes, donating his time in support of VWBPE. Wear your trendiest 1930s or 1940s threads – the ones with the deepest pockets! All donations are welcome, and while cash contributions (USD) are preferred, Linden dollars are also accepted.

As you may know, the VWBPE 2017 Conference is coming up March 29-April 1, 2017. We need sponsors to help with some of the costs. Would it surprise you to know that the entire conference runs on a budget of just $5 (USD) per person? For that amount, VWBPE provides networking, research, keynotes, peer reviewed content, voice to text transcription, access to presentations throughout the year, conference proceedings, live video feeds during the conference, video archives, and more.

The VWBPE conference relies on donations from large and small sponsors alike. Unlike other peer-reviewed conferences, no committee member receives a salary or stipend. It is through the generous contributions of dedicated people who care deeply about education and the role immersive environments play in education that this conference is possible. All funds go directly to supporting the conference program and to maintaining the VWBPE archives throughout the year.

The VWBPE conference attracts over 2000 people every year. Will you please help us continue doing incredible things, including keeping this conference free for everyone to attend? Your contribution means the difference between a great conference and an amazing conference.

Please contribute and gain recognition for your organization in supporting education by going to either of the following links for information on becoming a sponsor (HTML or PDF version):

Or, you can make a personal donation towards VWBPE:

Hope to see you!
Thursday, January 19, 2017, 5:00 pm SLT
Howard Hughes Hangar, Rockcliffe University