VWBPE will be streaming live from YouTube during the conference. All times are Pacific Daylight (UTC-8/Los Angeles USA).
Raw video footage will be available for 2 weeks after the conference and then replaced with post-production footage.

Thursday March 15
9:30 am Opening Keynote: Mark Childs LINK
10:30 am  Web 4.0? Interaction in the 4th Dimension LINK
1:00 pm Above the Book: Ebbe Altberg LINK
2:00 pm DeDe the Transwoman: Cultural Issues & Second Life LINK
2:00 pm How to Get There from Here LINK
Friday March 16
9:00 AM  Virtual Self-Directed Learning Workshops LINK
9:00 AM  Improving Digital Literacy – A Solvable Challenge using Virtual Worlds LINK
10:00 AM  Nursing Informatics Student SL Practicum Outcomes LINK
11:00 AM  Keynote: Bryan Alexander LINK
1:00 PM  A Hybrid Conference as a Way to Create Community LINK
1:00 PM  Innovative Virtual Libraries: Research & Design LINK
3:00 PM  Chemistry Experiments in Virtual Worlds LINK
Saturday March 17
8:00 AM Blending VWs & Digital Tech. in Language Teaching LINK
8:00 AM  Mobile virtual reality for environmental education LINK
9:00 AM If They Build It, They Will Come! LINK
9:00 AM  Cultural appropriation? Cultural appreciation? LINK
11:00 AM Low threshold virtual events LINK
11:00 AM  Flying Stickies, Easy Quests, VW + Unity for Edu LINK
12:00 PM Etopian Evolution for Real World Solutions LINK
12:00 PM Liberate Agency Amplification Via Avatar Identity LINK
2:00 PM You’re Grounded! Theorizing Virtual Learning Space LINK
3:00 PM Avatars as Data Points LINK
3:00 PM Bridging Worlds: Learning in a Strange Land LINK
6:00 PM Closing / Thinkerer Award LINK