It’s 2018, and three months to the VRevolutions conference, and VWBPE is proud to announce its opening keynote: Dr. Mark Childs.

Dr. Childs brings to VWBPE his expertise in immersion and identity, and a history of research in virtual environments and beyond. While he will focus the topic of his keynote specifically on the building blocks of learning in virtual worlds–immersion, literacy, identity, presence–his work is about so much more than that.

It’s about possibilities: what is possible now, and what could be possible in the future. While immersive environments have been around for quite some time, in many ways, they are still an undiscovered country of innovation for those who can break free of the metaphorical box and re-envision it as a tool rather than the vessel.

That’s the revolution, the promise, and the change. Dr. Childs asks us questions about ourselves and our ability to learn and engage with digital technologies. So, too, does VWBPE ask of you. As our first call for proposals for presentations and immersive experiences ended, we challenged our presenters to show us their mettle, and we ask it one more time: do you have that special fearlessness that only comes from tinkering with the unknown? Do you have that one more immersive experience that breaks away from the same into the new?

If so, don’t miss the final call, available for a very limited time, to join innovative minds like Dr. Childs, in the 2018 VWBPE Program.

Final call for proposals for presentations and immersive experiences!
Opens January 15, closes January 28, 2018.
The VRevolution has started.

Calendar Reminders

January 28: FINAL Presentation and Immersive Experience Proposals DUE
February 1: Exhibit Proposals DUE
February 4: Thinkerer Award Nominations DUE
February 15: Second Fundraiser Social
March 5: Exhibits Open
March 15-17: VWBPE 2018 Conference: VRevolutions