Were you planning to submit a presentation proposal to VWBPE 2019 and missed the deadline? Good news! We are pleased to announce there will be a 2nd and final call for presentation proposals, closing 04 February 2019. This call is only open for a couple of weeks, so don’t put it off. How about a workshop? A compass point discussion? Or a spotlight presentation? We want to hear from you!


Presentations are not the only component of a successful conference. Part of the excitement at VWBPE is the creativity of the 3D exhibits. This is a great way for you to showcase your work or organization.

Exhibit submission deadline: 11 February 2019

Immersive Experiences

The Immersive Experiences happen over the 2 weeks before and after the conference. These are in-depth explorations of how virtual worlds are used to best advantage in supporting learning. We have visited many different locations across the metaverse over the past few years.Why not invite us for a visit? Show us how you are leveraging learning in immersive virtual environments.

Immersive Experiences submission deadline: 11 February 2019

VWBPE 2019 re:Vision








Dates to Remember!

January 17: First Fundraiser Social
February 4: FINAL Presentation Proposals Due
February 11: Exhibit & Immersive Experience Proposals Due
February 21: Second Fundraiser Social
February 28: Thinkerer Award Nominations Due
March 25: Exhibits Open
April 4-6: VWBPE 2019 Conference