No one can predict the future.

For futurists like Bryan Alexander, it is a matter of intuition, insight, and reading the present signs. He does it quite well.

At VRevolutions, Dr. Alexander is a hoped-for keynote: he is better positioned to tell us about what’s coming, what’s near here, and how we can be ready. He has spoken on a variety of topics in multiple venues and conferences, and has eloquently pronounced the tidings of the future with flair.

We continue to look for volunteers, as we get closer to March 15, when we get swept up in the revolution of innovation, and showcase the best that our community of forward thinkers can offer. As our second keynote, Bryan Alexander is a key voice who will lead the charge. He will also leave us with some points to ponder on our role and our responsibility in this revolution. Most importantly, he will provide a rallying call that we cannot ignore.

The banns have been posted. The program calls all to the VWBPE shores. Be you volunteer or participant, in less than two weeks we face ourselves, our future, and our potential. Regardless of the role you play, the die has been cast.

There is a place for you here, and it can come in different ways. Take it.